The Kong Project: From Seed to Sauce

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My latest article for Gachi CSA‘s June Newsletter talks about the origins of a new project we’ve started called From Seed to Sauce: The Kong Project. We’re going to plant, grow, and harvest soy beans, then take the beans and turn them into soy sauce and soy paste using the traditional Korean method of fermentation and brining. This is a year-long project. Click on the link to read the article I wrote about the idea and origins. A new article will be published shortly about our first day on the project.

Read the article here: GachiJune2015

In addition I was interviewed by the Korean Herald about the project. You can read the interview here: Interview


  1. Addye

    Great article!! Wish all of you and the participants on the “Kong Project” a wonderful experience!! I am allergic to the soy beans here in the states ( most likely tied to the GMO soy beans ), so am eager to one day give your finished sauce a try. Looking forward to reading more later on the progress. Best wishes for all involved!! Also enjoyed the articles in the newsletter as well.

  2. Author

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I think a lot of people have problems with soy. There’s a lot of literature and studies showing the ill effects of what many people once thought was a health food. However, if it’s fermented as it will be in our sauce and paste, the process breaks down the harmful enzymes and it becomes healthy. Natto, from Japan, is fermented soy beans and considered a beneficial food even from researchers who have exposed the ill effects of soy. Thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of our product with you. 🙂

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