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1. My First Korean Farm Experience

This past Saturday I stepped onto my first Korean farm, well first farm anywhere actually. Last week my girlfriend and I joined the Korean  WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) chapter who are working with Slow Food to hold bi-monthly events to introduce people to the Slow Food concept. Slow Food is an organization that designs projects, events, and various campaigns to educate and connect sustainable farmers with people who are interested in eating healthy and learning about where healthy food comes from. Slow Food does quite a lot actually, so I can only speak of my experience, but if you want to learn more just check out their website: Slow Food

2. Korean Farming Experience #2 

This past Saturday I joined back up with the Korean WWOOF sponsored Slow Food group and headed back to 남양주 (NamYangJu) for another farming experience. This time I’d visit a different farm which also farmed strawberries but unlike last week they did not have chickens. This farm was located in a very good location that allowed for it to pick up the heavy foot traffic going from the train to the local mountain.

3. Another Great Korean Farm Experience

This past Sunday I again joined with the Korean WWOOFers and Slow Food program and got my hands dirty. We headed back to Namyangju our usual area for these experiences and went to a new farm called Purun Sanha. The location of this farm was pretty spectacular. It was nestled at the foot of a small mountain, and had a stream of drinkable cool water hugging the edge of the fields. That stream came in handy as the summer heat pounded on us all day.

4. Carrots in Korea – Another Farming Experience

On Saturday I once again joined with WWOOF Korea and the Slow Food program and got my hands dirty. This time I went to a new farm to harvest some carrots. I was happy to get to experience working with a root vegetable again like the prior week when I worked with potatoes for the first time. Our group was the smallest group and our host farmer, Mr. Noh,  who’d be hosting us was participating for the first time (I think).

5. Small Power Tools, Hard Work, and Motivation

It’s been a while since my last post and considering I had a new experience i figured it’s time to write something. This past Saturday I once again joined the WWOOF Korea team and headed out to Namyangju to spend the day at Hansol Farm. My girlfriend Anna invited one of her friends named Yu Kyeong this time and it would be her first farming experience. She had heard about our prior farming experiences at Hansol farm, and was particularly interested in the strawberries. Sadly for her however Strawberry season ended a few months ago, and what needed to be done most was some serious weeding.

6. Grazing in Australia

It’s official, I shifted the cows. This is a follow up article to my last article where I revealed that I’d be spending five weeks in Southwest Victoria, Australia to learn about planned grazing and managing holistically. I know all my readers (mom) have been anxious to hear about how it turned out. The answer is – better than I imagined – although I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect so my imagination was a bit limited, but it truly ended up being a great time that will not be forgotten. I’m currently in the process of editing a short video highlighting what I learned during my time there. I’ll post it on this site as soon as it’s complete.

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