Demystifying The Art of Grazing – This is a video I made highlighting what I learned after spending 5 weeks in Australia learning about Holistic Planned Grazing.

It’s The Model that Matters

The problem with farming is not farming in itself, it’s the model. The monoculture, industrial model fails on multiple levels. First it fails from a nutrition standpoint. It produces inferior and often toxic products that are passed off as “food.” Secondly it fails environmentally. The amount of pollution, chemicals, and waste produced by the industrial model has reeked havoc all over the earth. The third way it fails is economically. Industrial models and government regulations that encourage them have destroyed small family businesses for decades. Money is taken away from communities and consolidated into the hands of a few corporations that are able to lobby politicians for regulations that eliminate competition. The result is fewer choices, higher prices, and less jobs. It’s not farming that’s the problem, it’s the model. Joel Salatin of Poly Face farms is one of the leaders in reviving the way farms and communities once farmed. This is the future of food, and I aim to be an active producer and mover in rebuilding what was once the economic backbone of the country.


Allan Savory explains how farmers and managed grazing has reversed desertification across the globe.

If you do the thing, you will have the power. Anyone can farm. 


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