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On Being an Apprentice: 3 Months In

In Apprenticing & Partnering, MY ARTICLES, My Farming Experiences by James11 Comments

Three months into my apprenticeship at Shady Grove Ranch I’m finally going to publish something, I shouldn’t say “write something” because I’ve been pecking away at this post for… three months. Aside from chipping away at this post I’ve mainly been “drinking from a fire hose” as Matt, my mentor, and head farmer at Shady Grove Ranch told me one …

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My Friend is a Hypnotist

In Inspirations, MY ARTICLES by James1 Comment

This website is not merely about farming, but equally and maybe more it’s about turning dreams into reality. Gabriel Dye, a very close friend of mine did just that this past Sunday. My dream is farming, Gabriel’s dream is to become a professional hypnotist – not a medical hypnotist, but in the vein of a motivational speaker. I touched on …

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The Kong Project: Day One

In MY ARTICLES, My Farming Experiences, The Kong Project by James3 Comments

Last Sunday, a group of 15 people ventured out to Hansol Farm in Namyangju, South Korea to embark on a year-long journey. The journey’s name was coined Seed to Sauce: The Kong Project. Kong is the Korean pronunciation for soy bean. The project includes taking soy beans, growing the beans into seedlings, planting the seedlings, maintaining the plants, harvesting the …

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Gachi CSA

In INTERVIEWS and MORE, MY ARTICLES by James2 Comments

This post is about a new CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) that has recently started up in my current place of residence, Seoul, South Korea. The CSA name is Gachi CSA which means together and value 같이 (together) and 가치 (value) both have the same pronunciation. If you’re not familiar with what a CSA is or does I’ll provide a link …

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Demystifying The Art of Grazing

In BEEF, DEMYSTIFYING THE ART OF GRAZING, Livestock & Pasture, MY ARTICLES, My Farming Experiences, PASTURE by James1 Comment

At the beginning of 2014 I spent 5 weeks in Southwest Victoria Australia learning about Holistic Planned Grazing. I made a video highlighting what I learned. The theme is Demystifying the art of grazing, or showing that grazing is not an art but rather a science and if given the proper tools anyone can do it. Enjoy and happy grazing.

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I Interviewed a Professional Farmer

In INTERVIEWS and MORE, MY ARTICLES by James4 Comments

Forrest Pritchard from Smith Meadows Farm in West Virgina, USA recently took the time from his busy schedule (he’s in the midst of a book tour on top of farming) and answered some wannabe farmer questions I had for him. If you don’t know who Forrest Pritchard is, he’s gradually becoming one of best known grass farmers in America. Like …

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Korean Farming Experience #2

In MY ARTICLES, My Farming Experiences by James2 Comments

This past Saturday I joined back up with the Korean WWOOF sponsored Slow Food group and headed back to 남양주 (NamYangJu) for another farming experience. This time I’d visit a different farm which also farmed strawberries but unlike last week they did not have chickens. This farm was located in a very good location that allowed for it to pick …

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My First Korean Farm Experience

In MY ARTICLES, My Farming Experiences by James18 Comments

This past Saturday I stepped onto my first Korean farm, well first farm anywhere actually. Last week my girlfriend and I joined the Korean  WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) chapter who are working with Slow Food to hold bi-monthly events to introduce people to the Slow Food concept. Slow Food is an organization that designs projects, events, and various …