The Kong Project – Day Two

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This past Sunday, July 5th, Kong Project group members headed back to Hansol Farm for day two of the Kong Project as it had been five weeks since we planted the seedlings on day one. Kim Byung Soo the head farmer at Hansol Farm, and his farm hands had taken great care of our plants in our absence. The plants had nearly quadrupled in size, and all were looking healthy and vibrant. In addition to our soy plants looking great, Byung Soo and his helpers added a plastic covering to the hoop house which is going to help protect the plants during the monsoon downpours that are typical in Korea during the summer months. Later in the week Byung Soo will also install a drip irrigation system which will guarantee consistent and easy watering for the plants. Watering by hand with water jugs or the hose is tedious and inefficient so a big thanks for Byung Soo for installing the system.









Our task for day two was weeding and building up dirt mounds around the base of the plants for extra support. Not everyone from day one made it back for day two, but we had some new members show who missed the first day. We had a crew of about eight working and after three hours we had the job pretty much done.









We wrapped up our work in time for lunch and headed to a restaurant called Jonggajip, for lunch. Jonggapji is a multi-generational restaurant that’s been in business for over 100 years. They grow their own vegetables and of course make their own ganjang and deonjang. The lunch was full of flavor and hit the spot after a morning’s work. The deonjang jiggae in particular stood out. The broth was much darker and richer than typical deonjang broths you’ll find at most Korean restaurants as it was from their own homemade deonjang, and it was likely an older, longer aged and fermented, batch. Byung Soo told us the restaurant has deonjang that is over 100 years old! If you’d like to visit the restaurant you can find out more about it, including directions, here.

After lunch we headed to a famous area called Dumulmeori  (두물머리) which is famous for its lotus garden, and its also where the north and south forks of the Han River meet. Dumulmeori is actually the southern tip of the island which is named Yangsuri (양수리). Now is the season for the lotus blossoms so it’s a great time to visit. For more information about Yangsuri here is a good blog post detailing everything to do and see there – Dumulmeori




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