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How do you start your day? What is your morning routine? Did you know that how you start each day strongly affects the rest of your day, and each day affects the following day, and the pattern builds to the culmination of your entire life? I know initially the idea of how you start each day playing a major influence on the outcome of your life seems like a bit of a stretch, but when you think about it, it makes sense. Now matters more than any other time in your life, because what you are doing today determines who you are becoming, and who you are becoming will always determine the quality and direction of your life. If you wake up and hit the snooze button two or three times you’re telling yourself that sleeping more is better than getting out of bed and starting your day. It may be true, but sleeping for thirty more minutes is not going to make your life better, in fact it’s likely to do the opposite. If you’re like most people after you’ve hit the snooze several times, you roll out of bed and have given yourself just enough time to hop in the shower, throw your clothes on, pack your bag, and rush out the door. If you’re one of the exceptions you’ll have given yourself an extra ten minutes to eat a bowl of cereal. What has happened in this all too common morning routine? First, you’ve told yourself sleeping 30 minutes more is far more enjoyable than facing your waking life – the part where the important and memorable things in life take place. Second, you’ve left in a rush having given no thought to the day ahead of you or how you are going to make it a great day. The result of this morning routine will be a day that was just like all the other days before, and the cumulative effect will be stagnation, and ultimately a life of “should haves” and “could haves”, i.e.; regret. In addition, once your day has begun there is little time to reflect and work on yourself, and at the end of the work day most people are too tired or have other familial duties to fulfill. Thus the genius of Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning comes into to save us. I’ve pretty much laid out Hal’s thesis above, and I’ve personally been doing the miracle morning for around 6 weeks and fully endorse it.

What’s in the Book?

The book is a quick 140 page read that spans 10 chapters.
1. It’s Time to Wake Up to Your Full Potential
2. The Miracle Morning Origin: Born Out of Desperation
3. The 95% Reality Check
4. Why did you wake up this morning?
5. The 5-Step-Snooze Proof Strategy
6. The Life S.A.V.E.R.S. Six practices Guaranteed to save you from a life of unfulfilled potential
7. The 6-Minute Miracle (Real results in 6 minutes)
8. Customizing Your Miracle Morning
9. From Unbearable to Unstoppable: The Secret to Forming Habits
10. The Miracle Morning 30 Day Challenge

What is the Miracle?

Is the miracle morning really a miracle? No. The miracle morning takes tested principles and repackages them into a new concept that utilizes them in a very effective way. A critical part of the miracle morning is starting your day with affirmations. A lot of people’s initial reaction to affirmations is to think they’re comical and or they would feel strange saying them. Saturday Night Live has a classic skit / character where an effeminate man named Stuart Smalley with very low self-esteem hosts a show called “Daily Affirmation.” It is a funny skit, but it doesn’t do much to illustrate the effectiveness of affirmations – quite the opposite. The fact is people have been practicing affirmations for a long time, and they were popularized when Napoleon Hill developed the self-development book genre at the turn of the 20th century. Dale Carnegie followed Hill in promoting the efficacy of affirmations and nearly every self-development author and life coach that has followed from Stephen Covey to Tony Robbins have talked about the importance of affirmations. If you’re not familiar with what an affirmation is, it’s something you write down – like what kind of person you want to be, and or commitments and goals, and once or twice a day you read the affirmation aloud – morning is best. Through daily repetition  you are planting seeds into your subconscious. You don’t feel different when you’re doing it, even after doing it for long time, essentially it’s a form of auto-suggestion, or neurolinguistic programming. The fundamental truth is you can not do anything in life unless you truly believe you can do it. It seems so simple, but most of the time it’s the biggest obstacle for people to overcome when it comes to change and meeting their goals. It doesn’t matter how often you say you can do it, or will do it, if in your subconscious mind you don’t believe it. This is where the term self sabotage comes into play. You’ve also probably heard the expression that “we’re our own worst enemy.” Daily affirmations are a kind of brain hack, and they work. We know they work not only because of the countless testimonials supporting the practice, but we can look at the power of hypnosis. Hypnosis shows us how powerful suggestion can be. When you see a man sitting on a chair with his hand glued to his forehead (glued by his belief) and being offered a hundred-dollar bill to remove it and he can’t, we have some pretty strong evidence of how powerful our subconscious mind and beliefs can be. I have noticed slight changes in my attitude and overall everyday feeling after starting my own daily affirmations. One that stands out the most is I don’t feel like I need as much sleep as I used to, and I don’t feel like I need to take a nap everyday between 3-4 in the afternoon. The only I change I made was saying in my affirmations that the amount of sleep I got, whether 8 hours or 5 hours would be exactly the amount I need to optimally function the next day and sustain high energy levels throughout the day. In fact since starting the miracle morning on average I get less sleep than before, but I am less tired throughout the day. I’m still scratching my head how just repeatedly saying this and believing it could physically change the way I feel throughout the day, but it has. There are scientific studies out there that go into the mechanics of what is happening in the brain and body if you’re curious about the physiological effects of the subconscious mind.

What does The Miracle Morning look like in Action?

The miracle morning is more than just affirmations, although I believe that component is the most powerful one. Hal Elrod breaks his miracle morning into six categories which he calls S.A.V.E.R.S. The S is for silence. The A is for affirmations. The V is for visualization. The E is for exercise. The R is for reading. The S is for scribing. In the book Hal describes his miracle morning which includes all six of these categories. Silence could be doing ten minutes of meditation. Affirmations you know about. Visualization is related to affirmations. It’s going into your mind and actually visualizing yourself doing whatever it is you want to do. Visualization has proven to be just as powerful as affirmations. Exercise is exercise – doing stretching, yoga, some cardio, anything to get the blood flowing and oil the joints. Hal likes to take some time for reading in the morning – I prefer to do my reading during the day and at night before bed. The last one, scribing, means writing or journaling.

My Miracle Morning

As I mentioned I’ve been doing the miracle morning for around 6 weeks now. The last thing that impacted my life on this level was David Allen’s Getting Things Done. My miracle morning starts with me waking up one hour earlier than I used to. I was waking up at 7:00 a.m. and now it’s 6:00 a.m. My old morning routine was wake up at seven, make coffee and breakfast, eat, then drink coffee and surf the internet for 30 minutes, take a quick shower, get dressed, pack my bag and rush out the door 2-3 minutes late. Now, I wake up at six. I drink some water right away and brush my teeth. From there I take a shower. After the shower I stretch for 20 minutes and then meditate for 10 (google benefits of meditation now if you’ve never tried it or don’t know the benefits). Next, I make my coffee and breakfast. After I eat I go to my computer and I read my daily affirmations. After reading my affirmations I might surf the web for five minutes, then I get dressed, back my bag, and leave for work. Since starting the miracle morning I’ve found myself arriving at work 10 minutes early with little effort. Nothing is rushed, everything is calm, I’ve prepared myself physically and mentally for a great day, and as a result my energy levels are consistent throughout the day (the late afternoon urge to nap has disappeared) and my stress levels and ability to stay calm have greatly improved.

Final Thoughts of a Wannabe Farmer

This blog is about more than farming. Not only is it a resource for aspiring farmers, but it is a resource for anyone with a dream who is trying to figure out how to achieve it. My dream is farming, but regardless of what your dream may be the same foundational principles apply for putting yourself into the best position for opportunities that will allow you to make your dream reality. The opportunities will be there, but will you be prepared to take action? What separates the top 5% of successful people in the world from the other 95% of average to low achievers? It’s one thing. The 5% at the top have invested in personal development. Your level of success, will rarely exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become. This idea is a paradigm shifter for a lot of people, myself included. Just working hard is not enough. You have to work hard, and work even harder on yourself. We are not born with all the tools we need to achieve our dreams. Most of us who go through the public school system not only did not get the tools, but exited the system with lots of deprogramming work to do. Those who didn’t pay attention in class ironically end up being far better off and successful in entrepreneurial endeavors. Part of the simple recipe everyone who is interested in success and happiness should be following is – “Do what successful people do.” There is of course more to the puzzle than that, but if you’re not doing the fundamental foundational work, then you’re building a house on a faulty foundation and eventually you’re going to have major problems, and they might not be problems you’ll be able to recover from. Start investing in yourself, choose you, and great things will happen in your life.

P.S. The Author, Hal Elrod has provided samples of his affirmations and schedule for free download. I designed my affirmations after his and customized them to fit me. Click here to get them for free now. Start taking action today.

Here is a video of Anthony Galie, one of the best hypnotists you’ll ever see. Watch this and try not to laugh. The power of the subconscious mind is amazing.

Here is another one. This guy is offered one hundred dollars if he can stay awake for 10 seconds. And of course he can’t.


  1. gabrieldye

    Whoever stumbles on this post is in for a treat. First, game-changing book (James has quoted me sections, which were enough to get me up at 7am. Originally, 9 or later.). Second, a review that’s going to make me read the actual book. (Snooze strategy? Yes, please. Morning affirmations? I’m listening…) Last, Anthony Galie, the cream of the crop. Hands down the best hypnotist to walk the boards. (Sadly, retired from stage work now.) Thanks for this post!

  2. Author

    Thanks Gabe, glad you found value in it. When a master retires it’s always exciting to see who will fill his shoes. I’m guessing I know what some of your affirmations are. Looking forward to your show. Thanks for reading and the support as always.

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  4. Matt Duncan

    Great article! The Miracle Morning has now come out with a POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS COLORING BOOK to spark creativity while doing silence and affirmations during your Miracle Morning. It was created as a tool to reinforce affirmations not only with yourself but also as a family! The hybrid book is a full coloring book for adults and a full coloring book for kids combined so the whole family can engage in coloring positive affirmations. An added bonus is the opportunity to turn your art into a vision board when you are done! Learn more at You can also check it out on Amazon at

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