WWOOF – Get Experience Farming around the World

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WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms. I got my first farming experience through WWOOF Korea and I’m very grateful the program exists, otherwise it would have been very difficult to get started the way I did. WWOOF is as the title suggests world wide. Typically a WWOOF farm host will take a wannabe farmer or anyone interesting in having the experience for a minimum of two weeks. In exchange for work the host will provide lodging and meals. This is pretty risky for the farmer as there is often a big learning curve involved with farming, and often times taking on unskilled labor for such a short time ends up costing them more than helping them. That’s why they ask for the two week minimum stay. WWOOFing is a great way to see the world and get experience farming.

Check them out:  WWOOF

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