Pastured Pig to Plate

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Cooking Up a Story has a three-part series highlighting food writer and blogger Kathleen Bauer’s experience of finding a pastured pig through a friend, meeting the pig, butchering the pig, then sharing the bounty with friends. Pastured pigs is one of the enterprises I hope to have when I farm so I found interest in this series. The series does a nice job of giving an overview of the process “Pastured pig to plate,” also from the perspective of somebody who has never had the experience.

Watch the three-part series by clicking the links below.

Part 1: The Food Writer, The Farmer, and Roger the Pig






Part 2: Pastured Pig to Plate: Butchering the Pig






Part 3: Pastured Pig to Plate: The BBQ Pork Roast Celebration


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