1. Addye Thole

    Loved the newsletter!! Enjoyed seeing the photos on the CSA Farm Camp & that article as well.
    Interesting article on “Fats”. All you can do is put the information out there for folks to examine & I for one am very appreciative. My recent blood work of this past August showed a good improvement in my Glucose & LDL levels, which I was happy to see. But for me the grass fed organic meats & the organic veggies & the gluten free breads & the nut butters & coconut oil have helped me feel so much better!! And for someone that has a chronic autoimmune disease – the difference in how I feel now & how I felt even a year ago is like night & day. Thanks for putting it out there!!

    1. Author

      You’re welcome! Going back to a traditional whole foods diet with lots of healthy real fats and pastured meats not only kept heart disease at bay for our ancestors but is doing it for us. Glad you’re enjoying the diet and reaping its benefits!

  2. gabrieldye

    It’s a shame this is still ‘ground-breaking’ for so many people. Or worse, ‘suspect.’ The sooner this information is considered obvious, the better. Thanks for getting it out there!

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