Farm Feasibility Analysis

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This is a two part series. The links to both articles are posted below.

 Everyone knows that things aren’t always what they seem. Maybe you’ve found what seems like the perfect pasture to lease or buy, or maybe you’ve looked at one that’s less than ideal. Especially in agriculture, there are a lot of “invisible” factors that will make the reality of your new enterprise different from your early impression. Do not skip the one final step before either signing papers or walking away: revealing these hidden factors through a farm feasibility analysis.

Part One: Read Here

Part Two: Read Here



  1. Addye Thole

    Wow, the feasibility analysis seems to be the basic survival prep. tool to the beginning of your money investments!! So very informative & important!! Good read!!

    1. Author

      Yeah, it’s pretty crucial to know how to evaluate a property before you invest your time and money into it. Pretty good series covering the basics.

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