Attention: I Wanna Farm Subscribers

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Dear Subscribers,

For the past two weeks I’ve been giving my website an overhaul. I’ve installed a new theme and I’ve been rearranging and adding content. I’m sorry if your email inbox has been flooded with new post alerts. I didn’t put my site in maintenance mode or take it down so as a result you got a lot of posts that I didn’t necessarily want you to get. Some of them were new though, so if you enjoyed them I’m thankful.

I just wanted to send this out as an explanation to the amount of posts you’ve been getting recently and let you know the website is pretty much set up how I want it with most of the base content added. I will be posting content more regularly though in the resources sections and hopefully new book reviews and articles of my own.

Thanks for being a subscriber and I hope the new fluid layout of the website will make it easier to find what you’re looking for or just enjoy looking at it more.

Until next time,


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