Korean Farming Experience #2

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This past Saturday I joined back up with the Korean WWOOF sponsored Slow Food group and headed back to 남양주 (NamYangJu) for another farming experience. This time I’d visit a different farm which also farmed strawberries but unlike last week they did not have chickens. This farm was located in a very good location that allowed for it to pick up the heavy foot traffic going from the train to the local mountain.


Koreans love hiking and every weekend local mountains are packed with loyal hikers. The train stop has only been there four years, and I was told before its construction the farming village was much more peaceful. However the locals appreciate the business the train stop has provided. Along with producing strawberries this farm functions as a pension which is a kind of bed and breakfast. The well manicured landscaping around the house and farm created a nice atmosphere. Numerous fruit trees and flowers dotted the property along with a pond filled with large carp. Along with beautiful landscaping the farm had a mother goat with two kids, rabbits, and three deer.


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In addition to a wonderful outdoor atmosphere the farm also had a restaurant. The walls of the restaurant were lined with tall shelves that held numerous glass jars and bottles, all of which contained various herbs, roots, and fruits. Some of the glass containers had a alcohol base while others contained oils. After our morning work we enjoyed a homemade lunch prepared by the farmer’s generous wife.

photophoto(1)photo(2)photo(6)Foodlunch      Lunch was a Korean classic dish called 비빔밮 (bibimbap ). It includes rice, egg, ground beef, and various vegetables all mixed together with a red pepper paste. The farmer’s wife had infused the pepper paste with some strawberry so you could taste a hint of strawberries with each bite – the combination was a slam dunk. After lunch she also let us try one and two year old liquor that was infused with strawberries. She was quite the host to say the least.

After lunch we made our way back to the strawberry houses for a little more work. We removed some plastic coverings and prepared the berries for people to come for self picking. It was another great day, and I’m looking forward to the next one. There are two more farms to explore with this program so next time I’ll be reporting on something other than strawberries, although I’ll certainly miss them.

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  1. Addye Thole

    James, enjoyed reading about your farming exp. #2 & also enjoyed the photos. The Korean WWOOFF slow food group folks seem to really offer an interesting interactive experience!! Keep your farm journey alive!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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